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Become a driving instructor with The Instructor Academy with potential earnings of £20.000 to £40.000 a year. A guaranteed position with our driving school when on a (trainee licence) or fully qualified, although it is not compulsory. Start training for as little as £200.00 and receive £500.00 cash back together with our additional incentive package of savings worth in total £1000.00 making the real cost of our training course only £800.00

Reasons why you need look no further:

The very best training your money can buy. Your trainer will be a Grade 6 ADI (highest grade possible) who is Ordit registered and a holder of The Cardington grade ‘A’ Driving Certificate.

Flexible Training DSA Ordit Registered Trainer, Grade 6
High Success Rate Same Trainer Throughout Course
Low Cost Franchise Fee Extra FREE Training Until You Quality
Incentive Package Unlimited Part One/Two Training
Guaranteed Placement 60 Hours Part/Three training Available
One to one Training

Our Quality and Quantity of Training = YOUR SUCCESS
Why pay more? You can’t buy better training

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