Our Training Programme

At the Instructor Academy we pride ourselves that our training is individually designed to meet your needs.

Trainees are assigned a personal tutor, who will remain with them throughout their course. This is to ensure continuity of training, avoiding the most common complaints we hear from trainees, who transfer from other companies (see the panel on the left).

To eliminate problems like this, we will restrict the numbers of trainees we accept.

Our training is provided by trainers, all of whom have passed the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Cardington Special Driving Test. This is only available to Approved Driving Instructors.


Part One:
The Theory & Hazard Perception Test

This consists of two elements –
A computer based test of 100 multiple choice questions, the subjects include:-

  • The Highway Code
  • The Driving Test
  • Disabilities & Law
  • Driving Techniques


The second element is the Hazard Perception Test, a computer based test of 14 one minute video clips, and the current pass mark for this is a score of 57.


  • A distance learning package or one to one training if required.
  • Mock tests prior to examination, detailed feedback and guidance on all areas requiring improvement.

Part Two:
A Practical Test of Driving Ability

The test lasts about one hour and is similar to the advanced driving test. A supervising examiner will assess your driving ability.

  • In-car training to prepare you for the part two test
  • Training includes urban, rural and motorway driving, plus practice of all manoeuvres encountered during the test.
  • Training to be arranged by mutual agreement with personal trainer
  • Mock test prior to examination
  • Verbal and written debrief at the end of each training session
  • Adequate training provided until you are prepared to test standard

Part Three:
A Practical Test of Ability to Teach

This test will last about one hour. It is in two parts and again is conducted by a supervising examiner. You must pass both parts on the same day.

The examiner will first take the role of a pupil with limited driving experience. For the second part he/she will portray a pupil of about test standard.

You are required to demonstrate your knowledge and training ability to each pupil. The examiner will fully brief you regarding all aspects of each part of the test, prior to its commencement.

  • In car training to prepare you for part three of the test
  • Training includes practical teaching skills
  • Practice of all 10 pre-set tests, which may be encountered, will be covered
  • Training to be arranged by mutual agreement with your personal trainer
  • Mock tests prior to examination
  • Verbal and written debrief at the end of each training session
  • Adequate training provided until you are prepared to take the test

What if I fail the tests?

At the Instructor Academy we are confident that following our individually structured training programme trainees will have the very best chance of passing the qualifying tests. However,should you fail any part we will provide additional free training..

The Trainee Licence

A licence issued by the Driving Standards Agency which allows you to take a six month ‘Provisional Licence’ to teach once you have passed the first two tests. The purpose of this licence is to give you experience of real pupils in order to prepare you for the final Part Three test.

The rules of the DSA stipulate that you must be sponsored by a driving school as a Trainee Instructor, and that you must receive a minimum of forty hours of part three training before a trainee licence will be issued.

Upon completion of this training you will be issued with a Trainee Licence.You are also required as a condition of the Trainee Licence to undertake a further twenty hours of training during the first 3 months of the Trainee Licence. An additional package is available for those participating on a Trainee Licence.

You will now be allowed to teach as a Trainee Instructor working for our Driving School, earning an income, whilst gaining experience of real pupils and training towards successful completion of the final Part Three test. Once you have passed the final test you will be offered a position within our Driving School teaching pupils in your local area.

If you choose to join our driving school once fully qualified,you will receive a refund of £500 bringing the actual cost of training to just £1100.00 (conditions apply)

All training can be arranged to suit your personal circumstances.

Intensive course also available, (approx. 1 month) subject to agreement with trainer and examination dates

To apply today, click on Payment Sheet under the PDF navigation to the left and read the payment methods sheet then fill out the application form and send it in. (Acrobat Reader required)

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