Why the instructor academy?

Have a look to see the most common complaints from those who transfer to us from other companies

“Every time I went for training, I saw a different trainer”

“One trainer told me one thing, another said something very different, it became very confusing”

“A lot of my time and money has been wasted”

This won’t happen at
The Instructor Academy

  1. Most organisations expect employees to travel long distances in order to receive tuition, far away from the area in which they will be tested – we don’t
  2. Our trainers will identify with you your local regional test centre and and arrange for your Part 2 & Part 3 training to be carried out locally
  3. We are confident that our training is the best value for money, you can buy
  4. Compare our training programme with that of our competitors and decide for yourself
  5. Our trainers cover London and the South East
  6. £500 cash back once qualified (conditions apply)
  7. Guaranteed placement with our driving school once qualified

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